Why Choose C.E.G.?

C.E.G. delivers value on the three main elements of a construction project:

SPEED – C.E.G.’s design build ability allows projects to be bid out and completed faster than any other contractor active in our market. The architects and engineers in our office are in control over the completion of the plans. Because we have a team working together the plans will properly reflect what the client wants.

C.E.G. also has unique relationships with the building departments. Building officials know the quality and completeness of our drawings and they trust our engineers. We are used to getting approval on our first submittal. On projects that need to be expedited we can get partial permits or inspections to get the project started before the plans are 100% approved. This is due to the trust that C.E.G. has earned over years of working with these officials. Very few contractors have this ability. C.E.G. also has over 50 full-time professionals working in our office and on the field. We have the manpower to focus on getting the project done.

QUALITY – To be part of the C.E.G. team you have to be a perfectionist. We are always looking for ways to do things better. We build your project with the same care and attention to detail that we would if it was our own. Our goal is to build your next building so we will never substitute quality for profit. Because we design and build the project, we take complete responsibility for any construction defects years beyond the one year required in the contract. Every project we do gets the legacy of C.E.G. You may move to another location or sell the building, but C.E.G. will always be the builder.

PRICE – Low-cost projects occur when you have complete, accurate plans that describe all the work that needs to be done in a clear manner. This allows subcontractors to prepare exact bids. Low-cost projects occur when you have preliminary budgets for your projects during the design phase so you can select only the improvements that are really needed. Controlling the architect and the scope of work keeps you from high costs after the plans are done.

Working with a team, you are able to get detailed budgets for different scopes of work. Low costs occur with value engineering when working with the architect and engineers. Because of our experience with industrial projects, our engineers can set the right balance between safety and competitive design.

Finally, low cost occurs when you have thorough bidding of all subcontractor trades with non-union, smaller companies where, in many cases, the owner is personally involved in the work, thereby creating a resource of competitive, qualified subcontractors. We are proud of the vendors we work with.