Food Industry Projects

1011 Long Beach Boulevard

SSK produce distribution.

1661 McGarry Avenue

31,080 sq. ft. cold storage distribution.

2020 7th Place

31,711 sq. ft. cold storage distribution.

2590 Harriett Street

36,000 sq. ft. produce distribution.

2820 E. 44th Street

Cold storage produce distribution.

2820 Soto Street

60,000 sq. ft. cold storage distribution.

4400 Alcoa Avenue

46,387 sq. ft. food processing facility.

4488 Alcoa Avenue

17,226 sq. ft. refrigeration building.

4700 Broadway

20,000 sq. ft. concrete tilt‐up.

543 Monterey Pass Road

Tortilla food processing cold storage/distribution.

5563 Alcoa Avenue

104,000 sq. ft. Japanese pastry processing mocchi/ice cream processing.

5600 Bickette Street

40,000 sq. ft. with 2 food processing rooms of 7,500 sq. ft. seaweed manufacturing food processing distribution.

567 S. Mission Road

Produce distribution.

6019 District Boulevard

56,708 sq. ft. food distribution.

633 S. Mission Road

Garlic processing and cold storage/distribution.

788 S. Alameda

Produce cold storage/retail reconstruction.


54,000 sq. ft. airline food preparation facility.

Amapola Market

17,818 sq. ft. of retail stores.

American Fish & Seafood Company

State‐of‐the‐art two‐story fish processing facility with roof‐top parking.

Culinary Brands Inc.

48,138 sq. ft. tilt‐up warehouse and office building renovation.

Culver City Meat

Meat processing facility.

Culver City Meats

210,643 sq. ft. cold storage & food processing facility.


37,323 sq. ft. cold storage and office renovation.

Fresh Pac

Pre‐packaged fruit and salad processing facility.

Gaviña Gourmet Coffee

240,000 sq. ft. coffee processing facility.

Harmoni International Spice Inc.

5,700 sq. ft. cold storage, food processing facility with 1,000 sq. ft.

Ingardia Produce

63,317 sq. ft. produce distribution center.

La Amapola

Food processing plant.

La Brea Bakery

25,429 sq. ft. concrete industrial building with offices.

Papa Cantella’s Sausage Company

Sausage processing plant and offices.

Porto’s Bakery

52,545 sq. ft. concrete tilt‐up industrial building with offices.

Real Mex

Food processing plant 96,924 sq. ft.


Industrial warehouse building.

Santee Dairies

29,028 sq. ft. milk processing/cold storage distribution.

Valley Boulevard

23,828 sq. ft. food packaging and office T.I.