Experience & Capabilities

C.E.G. Construction is a Design Build Contractor, specializing in designing and constructing new buildings and renovating existing buildings to fulfill our clients’ needs and requirements. Our Design Team works closely with each client and our Construction Team to add value to every aspect of a thoroughly designed building. We are passionate about doing things right from conception to completion. We understand every project is unique and requires the understanding of our clients’ needs and desires whether the project is a new building or a renovation. We strive for excellence throughout the design and construction processes. This requires the necessary due diligence to initially identify and address any potential issues to develop a complete detailed set of drawings.

Project Site Selection

C.E.G. begins by assisting in the selection of the best site for each project. Our network of brokers search through listed and unlisted sites, submitting properties that are within owners’ required budgets and specifications to meet our clients’ needs. We have over twenty years of experience in food processing facilities, cold storage, manufacturing facilities, warehouse and distribution facilities, multi-tenant industrial building developments, office buildings, retail and commercial, and fast-track projects.

In-House Engineering and Architectural Team

After selecting a suitable site, our in-house Engineering and Architectural Team designs the building best suitable to specific requirements. Whether the project is a new building, building addition, or a renovation, our Design Team consistently produces a superior set of construction documents. Our priority is adding value and desirability to each and every property we design and build.

Expedited Permit Processing and Plan Approvals

At times, permit processing and approval of plans can be a challenging stage in any construction process. The professionals at C.E.G. Construction have established valuable relationships with various City Planning and Building departments. Such relationships, along with our knowledge of the City requirements and building codes, allow us to overcome these challenges and expedite the approval process.

Monitoring of Project Costs

To ensure that we provide the best value to our clients, we obtain several qualified bids for all the trades required to complete the construction of each project. We review and qualify each and every proposal we receive to ensure a complete scope of work is being considered.

Project Completion on Time and Within Budget

To reduce cost and improve quality, we self-perform the concrete portion of the construction. Our Superintendents are professionals with extensive experience and work diligently to ensure every aspect of construction is performed properly to complete the project on time and within budget.

Our main goal is to build strong relationships with our clients. C.E.G. Construction’s reputation is built on quality, performance, and satisfaction. This results in successful projects.