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Meaningful work and opportunities that will help you to build and develop skills that will span your entire career await you at CEG Construction. Create relationships that will last a lifetime with us, and discover your full potential. From our Los Angeles headquarters to our job sites across Los Angeles County, we value the team who comes together to serve our clients and communities where we do business.

Step One

To apply for a job with Chalmers Corporation, please click 'apply' next to the position you would like to apply for, attaching your CV (optional), resume (required), references (optional), and an employment application (found below) to your email submission.

You may also arrive at our Pico Rivera, Los Angeles office during regular business hours with your ID, a copy of your social security number, and a filled out employment application. You will drop these documents off for review. Click the button below to access our employment application.  

Step Two

After submitting the required documents to us, please be patient. The review process may take weeks. Rest assured, we will review your application and respond to your request. 

Available Positions

Project Manager

Project managers play the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing projects. They are accountable for the entire project scope, project team, resources, and the success of the project.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Plans, organizes, and prepares reports to upper management with respect to the status and/or progress of the projects

  • Manages both the project budget and schedule to meet the District’s qualitative standards; monitors project budget on a monthly basis and ensures that the budget accurately reflects the project status/progress

  • Manages daily activities of the contractor reviews contractors’ construction schedules and submittals, and coordinates responses to the contractors’ inquiries thru the Requests for Clarifications (RFC) and other related documents

  • Receives, reviews, and negotiates Contractor Change Order Proposal(s) to achieve a fair & reasonable price in accordance with the General Conditions; re-views and addresses any and all Schedule impacts in accordance with the project specifications in a timely manner

  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Greater Los Angeles


Project Engineer

Project Engineers assist Project Managers in the development of projects by providing secretarial and administrative support.

The duties normally include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting with the creation of Letters of Intent, Client Change Orders, Subcontracts, Change Orders and Purchase Orders.

  • Performing general administrative tasks: arranging meetings, preparing handouts for job walks, filing subcontracts into project manager books, assisting as directed in the processing of permits, preparing finishes for owners to approve or obtain Architect Final Selections, preparing check requests, logging in and following up with shop drawings, and sending shop drawing to all affected trades.

  • Utilizing BidMail and outlook to solicit bids, distributing drawings and specifications to subcontractors, inputting new subcontractors into BidMail, preparing Bid Books, take-offs, filling in bid comparison sheets, and telephoning subcontractors for bids.

Greater Los Angeles



Superintendents are responsible for supervising the building of our projects. They are in charge of daily scheduling, maintaining the safety and compliance of a construction site, ordering tools and materials, and supervising all activities. 

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide overall coordination of the construction quality management program for assigned projects. Provide recommendations toward approval of contractor quality control plan

  • Attend selective quality control. preparatory and initial meetings. and monitor three-phase checklists for accuracy and thoroughness

  • Provide relevant remarks on Government Quality Assurance (QA) reports (or in identified section of Contractor's Quality Control (QC) report, particularly on critical. definable features of work included. Take/file/distribute progress photos

  • Validate quantity, condition, and approval of materials on-site prior to Government issuing invoice payments

  • Coordinate support to review and witness successful testing and commissioning/certification of critical systems (i.e., mechanical–Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning/Testing, and Air Balance/Duct Air Leakage Testing/ Direct Digital Controls. electrical -Pad-Mounted Transformers /High-Voltage Systems/Switchgear /Automatic Transfer Switches/Frequency Converters, fire, and life safety/fire protection systems. roofing systems. and underwater structures)

  • Assure quality workmanship in accordance with specifications and industry standards on aspects of construction

  • Attend/witness selected tests and review all applicable test reports and results

  • Perform cursory review of Activity Hazard Analyses (AHAs) and ensure via the Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO) that these are discussed, by the construction contractor and their respective subcontractors prior to beginning each work activity or when a new work crew is to perform work in accordance with the three phases of QC

  • Review and provide recommendations towards acceptance of Crane Critical Lift Plans, along with crane operation qualifications and certificate of compliance

  • Must be familiar with crane safety requirements. Observe critical lifts

Greater Los Angeles


Construction Crew Member

Construction Crew Members work with CEG's affiliate concrete division, Grace Concrete. They assist with general construction needs and participate in concrete pours for new projects across Los Angeles and the Inland Empire.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Site preparation

  • General construction assistance

  • Participating in late night/early morning concrete pours

Greater Los Angeles


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