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Due Diligence

We assist throughout the the due diligence process and help identify potential risks and opportunities associated with each site.

As a prominent real estate developer, we are able to lend our expertise to our clients throughout the due diligence process. Due diligence is a crucial step in the land development process, as it helps buyers understand the potential risks and opportunities associated with a particular land site.

When performing due diligence on a land site, we first review all available information about the site, including any relevant zoning laws, building codes, title reports, easements, and environmental contamination. We also conduct a thorough physical inspection of the site to identify any potential issues or challenges that may impact the development of the land.

Based on our review and inspection, we then provide our clients with a detailed report that outlines any potential risks or opportunities associated with the site. This report can help clients make informed decisions about whether to move forward with the development of the land, and if so, how to best navigate any challenges that may arise.

How much does it cost to relocate power poles cutting across my land? How do I handle an unpermitted and leaking under ground storage tank found on my site? How does being located near an airport affect my FAA allowed building height? These are all high level due diligence questions that only a seasoned developer such as CEG can help to answer.

We know first hand how important performing proper due diligence is to the successful completion of a project. Any stone left unturned during the process can result in severe financial consequences. With that in mind, when CEG is inserted into the acquisition process, we can help clients make informed decisions and traverse the many twists and turns along the path of development.

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