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A year in review

See the faces behind our greatest achievements during the 
most challenging year ever.

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MLK and Alameda Recap.png

Nearly a decade in the making, our 400,000+ SF, four-building, MLK and Alameda street project is charging forward. Special thanks to Steve Call, Frank Ramos, and Sergio Ramos for their hard work and dedication. 

4310 Valley Recap`.png

The Joseph-Junior powerhouse duo is back at it again with a five-building, 144,000 SF project in Pomona. The concrete panels on all five buildings have been raised despite COVID slowdowns and concrete shortages.

4328 2020 Recap.png

In terms of speed of completion, this T.I. project was one for the books. Bob Lucas and Mike Amundson set the seal on 4328 Alcoa a month ahead of schedule. 

2102 Merced 2020 Recap.png

Ed Hamlin and Frank Ramos are finalizing one of CEG’s most unique projects yet. This futuristic 22,000 SF, 60 ft-clear, -10°F, fully-automated freezer building has attracted the interest of real estate news agencies across the country. 

500 Santa Fe 2020 Recap.png

500 Santa Fe is home to a 98,825 sq. ft. four-story creative office space with 199 parking stalls and a roof top amenity center for tenants. Aesthetically, it contends for a top spot in our most magnificent building category. 

Hickson Building 2020 Recap.png

Roger Blanton and Frank Ramos successfully completed two sets of two warehouse building projects in the city of El Monte. These class A buildings are fully leased and earning top market rents. 

Burke and Dice 2020 Recap.png

These two new first-rate industrial warehouses were finalized and leased-up in Q4 2020 at top market rates of $1.05 and $1.06 psf. Congratulations and a job well done to Ed and Mike on their first joint-project.

Artboard 13.png

Congratulations to Grace Concrete for pushing the limits of speed and efficiency to ensure our concrete tilt-up buildings came to market on time and on budget despite concrete shortages and COVID delays. 

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